Basics of Excel

Excel is a super handy tool for analysing figures and data, maintaining records and carrying out calculations.

She means business basics of excel

Throughout our Finance Academy courses, we provide various Excel templates to allow you to carry out calculations and prepare financial information.  The purpose of this course is to provide you with the foundational skills to ensure you feel confident working through these templates, and indeed to work on any Excel files you may use in your business. 

In this 4 hour webinar, you’ll cover:

  • The basic functions of Excel, including, creating and saving an Excel workbook
  • Use of copy, paste and paste special
  • Commonly used Excel formulae
  • Pivot tables
  • Creation of graphs
  • Issues that can arise when using Excel and how to overcome them

All participants will be provided with a Basics of Excel workbook, which can be used as a reference guide during the course and into the future. 

Date & Time – Monday 10th January 2022 @ 10am


Budgeting Masterclass

At She Means Business, we believe every single business, regardless of size or stage, should have a budget.

She means business budgeting for business

There are many benefits of budgeting; a budget helps to eliminate uncertainty and facilitates informed decision making.  A budget is a numerical representation of the plan for the coming period.


In this 2.5 hour webinar, you’ll cover:


  • The benefits of preparing a budget
  • The practical steps in preparing a budget
  • How to deal with uncertainty
  • Processes for managing your budget

All participants will be provided with an Excel Budget Template to assist with preparing and managing their business budget.  

Date & Time – Monday 17th January 2022 @ 10am


Pricing Masterclass

She means business pricing advice

Pricing your product or service is of critical importance to a business, but it can be difficult for many business owners.  For others, they have an idea of what they should charge, but lack facts and figures to support their decision. 


Join us on this 2.5 hour webinar as we take you through our Five Factor approach to pricing.


You’ll cover:

  • Common pricing mistakes made by business owners
  • Commonly used pricing strategies
  • The Five Factors to be considered in making pricing decisions
  • Breakeven analysis
  • Process for managing your pricing on an ongoing basis.

All participants will be provided with an Excel Pricing Analysis Template to assist with reviewing their pricing.

Date & Time – Monday 24th January 2022 @ 10am


Cashflow Management Masterclass

She means business CFO virtual

Cash is king, but how best to manage it? 


On this 2.5 hour webinar, you’ll cover:

  • Common factors which contribute to cashflow issues
  • Effective cashflow management methods
  • How to prepare and manage a cashflow forecast for your business
  • Sources of finance for the SME
  • Practical considerations for managing cash

All participants will be provided with an Excel Cashflow Projection Template to assist with preparing their cashflow forecast. 

Date & Time – Monday 31st January 2022 @ 10am


Figuring Out Your Finances

The purpose of the Figuring Out Your Finances programme is to inform the basics of finances for the business owners, and to demonstrate how financial information can be used to facilitate effective planning and decision-making. 

She means business figure out your finances

The webinar series will take place over four weeks.  Each session will last for two hours. 


On completion of the webinar series, participants will have:


  • Increased understanding of their business’s finances.
  • Improved ability to hold informed discussions about their business’s finances with third parties.
  • Increased confidence in making business decisions.
  • Practical steps to take away to critically assess their businesses and to build simple finance functions for their businesses.

All participants will be provided with various Excel Templates and tools to allow them to assess and understand their businesses’ finances.

Date & Time –   

Tuesday 11th January @10am

Tuesday 18th January @10am

Tuesday 25th January @10am

Tuesday 1st February @10am